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ProgressCenter Version 3

About ProgressCenterā„¢

ProgessCenterā„¢ is a state of the art online webportal that streams Live 4k images from the project site to give you real time access of the work in progress. Now you can monitor and share updates of all your projects remotely at one place in a user friendly and interactive way!

It is aimed specifically to provide easy navigation towards selecting the right project and using up to date tools such as the compare options, social media options, various photo filters, the LiveLapse feature and many more, all in a secure environment.

  • 24x7 Access from anywhere
  • High Resolution Images
  • Multi-User Access



We have closely worked with the TimeLapse industry and hence tailored every feature on ProgressCenter to custom needs.

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and Touch ID
Secure Access

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24x7 Global

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- Progress Timeline

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WhatsApp Bot

Over the past few months, we have been tirelessly working towards building an intelligent bot for ProgressCenterā„¢. Weā€™ve taken all our clients' input, shared and packed them into one an intelligent bot - PeeCeeā„¢. You can count on PeeCeeā„¢ anytime to get you the latest visuals from your site.


A Feature packed dashboard with herioc support.

  • Access all projects at one site
  • A multi screen video wall displaying all key projects
  • Offering a customized dashboard with Client branding
  • LiveLapseā„¢ offered for every project (an instant auto generated TimeLapse video)
  • Live weather and wind speed updates
  • 24-hour customer support online via LIVE chat
  • Access to the stored images since the beginning of the project
  • Image modification with a variety of filters
  • Zoom and pan options on each high resolution image
  • Direct save and share via email or via socials
  • Easy Team & User Management
  • Access to High Definition Images


How can i get access to my projects

Through ProgressCenterā„¢ you get access to all your projects anywhere anytime. A dedicated username and password will be generated and shared with you. You can use these credentials to login to the ProgressCenterā„¢ dashboard to get access.

Can I have multiple projects added on my single account?

Yes, we can hookup as many projects you want to a single user account. Then from your User Management Dashboard you can delegate the projects to the users at your level. Who gets access to what at your finger tips. It's as simple as that.

I want to integrate the live feed of the images directly on my own website. Is it possible on ProgressCenterā„¢?

Well yes! You can use our ProgressCenterā„¢ API to get access to your images and integrate them seamlessly in your infrastructure. Once the API is activated for your account, a unique API Key will be generated for you to make API calls to the ProgressCenterā„¢.

How can I request for changes to my account after signup?

You can make most of the changes to your profile yourself after login. You can change your profile picture, your display name, your password right from the dashboard. You can request for configuration change directly from the Config Request. Contact our Support Center anytime by creating a ticket or getting in touch with us by live chat.


people said.

Highly Professional
ā€œI have been working with Timelapse Middle East for over 10 years and would highly recommend them. Their creative, professional, organised, ethical and always deliver what they promise.ā€
Chopper Shoot
Helpful Staff
ā€œVery responsive and helpful staff, easy to communicate and super easy and fast to apply.ā€
Damla Korkmaz
Customer Service
ā€œVery good company and superior customer service. Always willing to helpā€
Mauritz Janeke
Quality Work
ā€œTimelapse team are very good for everything.. Warm Regards from Indonesia Pavilion Dubai Expo2020ā€
Dedi Rahmad
ā€œGreat service, great respond time highly recommend! The web site and application are easy to use and Maneuver.ā€
Yousef Ayesh

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